UDP Commander

UDP Commander

Model: UDP Commander

Programming, setting and diagnostic software

UDP Commander is a free software working under Windows (98SE and later versions) able to interface to UDP devices (for example UDP30) and communicate with the products belonging to the series DS10, OS10, LS10, DS30, DS50, DS52 and DS54.

Through UDP Commander it is possible to read the characteristic information of the device (model, serial number, etc.), to configure it, to read the diagnostic data, etc.

The functions of reading and saving the configurations on files allows quick duplicating them, without errors.

The software is able to automatically detect the connected product; also the graphical interface, easy to use, has efficient tool tips that allows being operative immediately after the installation of the program.

UDP Commander can also be used from the command line, making it suitable to be integrated in other applications and in automated procedures.

Technical Data

Supported OS: Windows 98, SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit
Language: Italian, English
Disk space required: Less than 10Mbyte
Other Features: Usable from the command line

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