DDS6 Series Stepless Operation

The DDS6 series drives are made with digital technology and are suitable for driving two-phase stepper motors.

They are equipped with CANopen standard field bus. The motor is controlled with a vectorial technique that overcomes the concept of step fractionation. STEPLESS operation ensures high rotation speeds and maximum use of motor torque.

CANopen DS301 Rev. 3.0 and IEC 61800-7/301(DSP402)

Power Supply / Motor Current Digital I/O Digital I/O
Analog I/O
ABZ Encoder
Digital I/O
Analog I/O
ABZ Encoder
Absolute Encoder
20..50Vdc / 0.2..1.4Arms: DDS6041 DDS6241 DDS6441
20..50Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS6044 DDS6244 DDS6444
20..50Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS6048 DDS6248 DDS6448
24..90Vdc / 1.0..4.5Arms DDS6074 DDS6274 DDS6474
24..90Vdc / 2.0..10.0Arms DDS6078 DDS6278 DDS6478

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