Serial Converters Line Extender

Industrial Serial Converters and line extenders

Family Overview

The CNV30 serial converters are designed for installation in industrial environments and utilize digital technology to achieve high and constant performances. Compact size, and easily installed on DIN rail.

All models have triple insulation that insulates the communication ports and the power supply. This solution provides the maximum noise immunity and removes the problems associated with ground loops and with the potential differences that may arise among different devices.

The inputs are equipped with effective protection to electrostatic charges while the outputs are totally protected against short circuits.

For the RS485 converters the bus switching from reception to transmission is performed automatically by the device due to an exclusive algorithm and removes any communication delay.

Please note: Model CNV3030, is able to connect an RS485 bus directly from the USB port of a PC. Model CNV3020, allows extending the standard RS232 serial line to 500m with all the control signals, ensuring a full-duplex communication and using a simple twisted pair cable for the connection.