Microstepping Drives suitable for mounting on PCB

Microstepping Drives suitable for mounting on PCB

Model: USD Series

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Microstepping Drives suitable for mounting on printed circuit board (PCB)

Stepper motor driver designed for PCB mounting represent an interesting opportunity for those who need to integrate multiple drives on a single board or want to combine the control and the power. The designer has a small size drive, that can integrate with his own electronics to make the final product compact, economical and exclusive. LAM Technologies is the pioneer of this technology, having sold the first drive for stepper motors to be mounted on PCB in 1995.

The twelve different models are split into three current sizes and four different functionalities.

The simplest series (coded USD20xxx) enable the stepping motor to move at full or half step through the DIRECTION, STEP and ENABLE signals.

The USD10xxx series use the same control signals but enhance the step motor resolution up to 1/128.
Step resolution may be changed at any time (“on the fly”) without loss of position, i.e. with the motor still moving, it is possible to cover a wide range of speed maintaining the STEP input frequency at low value.

The drivers coded USD60xxx and USD50xxx have built-in indexer and they can be remote controlled by a simple serial link. They have a max step resolution of half and 1/128 respectively.

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