LAM USD60361 Serially controllable Stepper Drive

LAM USD60361 Serially controllable Stepper Drive

Model: USD60361


Serially controllable Stepper Drive for PCB mounting 12..42Vdc 0.15..1.2Apk

Technical Data

Power Supply Voltage: From 12Vdc up to 42Vdc
Phase current: From 0.15Apk up to 1.2Apk
Logic Supply Voltage: 5Vdc
Control Mode: Streaming via serial line and proprietary protocol
Special Features: TXON output for automatic RS485 flow control. Deferred execution of movements by Hardware Trigger
Digital Inputs: 2 TTL/CMOS compatible: ENABLE, RESET
8 TTL/CMOS compatible: RX, TX, TXON, ADD0, ADD1, ADD2, ADD3, ADD4
3 bidirectional TTL/CMOS compatible: IO0, IO1, IO2
2 analog for the phase current setting
Digital Outputs: 1 open collector: FAULT
Step subdivision: Selectable from full step to 1/2 step or automatic mode
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics: Over and under voltage, thermal, short circuit phase to phase, phase to ground, phase-positive
Connections: Via solder pins
Dimensions: 44.5(H) x 55(L) x 28.5(W) mm
1.75(H) x 2.17(L) x 1.12(W) inches
Weight: 120g 4.23oz

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