LAM Drive Model DDS1274A 20-65Vac

LAM Drive Model DDS1274A 20-65Vac

Model: Drive Model DDS1274A 20-65Vac


DDS1 series, stepper motor drives controllable by pulse train or analog signal

Drive Model DDS1274A 20-65Vac / 1-4.5Arms (6.3Apk)

Step& Direction, DIN Boxed

5 Digital Inputs, 2 Digital Outputs

1 Analog Input

1 Encoder Input A, B, I

  • Pulses control include STEP/DIR, CW/CCW and A/B quadrature signals

  • Control via analog signal +/-10V or START/STOP

  • Operating modes: Speed, Position, Torque

  • Step-less vector control

  • Optional closed-loop operation with torque control

  • AC and DC power supply

  • Separate supply voltage for power and logic

  • Motor brake control

  • Phase current up to 10Arms (14.1Apk)

  • Compact dimension and easy installation on DIN rail

  • Free engineering tool Omni Automation IDE

  • Normally immediately available for delivery from stock

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