VT500 / Indoor Temperature sensor

VT500 / Indoor Temperature sensor

Model: VT500 Indoor Temperature sensor


Sensor is needed for measurement of temperature indoors. Operating temperature: −50… +105°С.

Characteristic Data
Dimensions60 × 61 × 16 mm
InputsRJ-12 / RJ-11
Operating characteristicsHumidity: Min. 5% - Max. 95%(Non-Condensing),Temp: Min. -50°C - Max.105°C
MountingDesktop, Wall mount
ComponentsManufactured in E.U.
Max. distance100 m
HS Code9025 11 800
Special FeaturesAccuracy 1°С
Package includesSensor, Cable RJ11/RJ12 to RJ11/RJ12 (2m), Screw 1pc M5, Sticker, Mounting bracket

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