Teracom Digital humidity and temperature sensor TSH300v2

Teracom Digital humidity and temperature sensor TSH300v2

Model: TSH300v2


Model TSH300v2

Short Description

TSH300v2 is an RS-485 humidity and temperature sensor with MODBUS RTU support.

TSH300v2 is an RS-485 humidity and temperature sensor. The device doesn’t need an external power supply. It is powered through the interface. The sensor is an excellent solution for humidity and temperature measuring.

The humidity and temperature sensor integrates basic elements as well as signal processing and provides a fully calibrated digital output. This results in superior measurement quality.

It focuses on applications that require precise humidity and temperature monitoring – server rooms, offices, drug and food stores, etc. It is also suitable for smart office applications.

TSH300v2 supports the widely used (BMS) Building Management Systems protocol and Industrial Automation Systems (IAS) Modbus RTU protocol. Each sensor has a unique serial code, which allows multi-sensor support over the same RS-485 bus.

The RS-485 humidity and temperature sensor utilizes two RJ45 connectors for an easy daisy chain wiring. Standard UTP/FTP patch LAN cable can be used for interconnection between the sensors and the controller. Shipment includes a one meter cable.

A special accessory, allows easy installation on 19” cabinets, can be ordered separately.

The digital humidity sensor can be used with

* Temperature and humidity data logger TCW210-TH
* Third party MODBUS RTU master devices


* 3.0% relative humidity accuracy
* 12 bit resolution for humidity measurements
* 14 bit resolution for temperature measurements
* Easy 19” cabinet installation
* Excellent long-term stability
* Unique 64-Bit serial number for multi-sensors support.

Warranty period: 3 years

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