4G LTE and GSM/GPRS Controllers

Controllers for environmental monitoring, remote relay, and data acquisition, home and office alarm systems over 4G LTE Cellular and GSM/GPRS.

Key Points

Key points

All devices for 4G LTE and GSM remote monitoring over mobile networks have a built-in WEB server for easy setup. As a result, all settings can be done with a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. In other words, for the setup of the controller, you don’t need special software.

The devices for GSM/GPRS remote monitoring maintain machine-to-machine (M2M) communication protocols such as HTTP Post with XML/JSON status files and HTTP API commands. So, they can be part of systems for data acquisition and remote control even if they don’t have a public static IP address.

The remote monitoring controllers have a parallel setup channel, for SMS commands. This enables a very flexible remote operation.

These devices support e-mail client with TLS encryption for sending e-mail alert on alarm conditions. Together with e-mails, the alert can be sent as a standard SMS as well.

The controllers for 4G LTE and GSM/GPRS remote monitoring over mobile networks have standard analog inputs to DC voltage measurements as well as digital inputs for dry contact monitoring.

All controllers of this group are suitable for remote monitoring and control of facilities for mobile network equipment, environmental monitoring in vehicles, as well as for environmental monitoring in pharmaceutical and food warehouses, etc.