Teracom Smoke detector with dry contact relay TSS8030R

Teracom Smoke detector with dry contact relay TSS8030R

Model: TSS8030R


Model TSS8030R

Short Description

The TSS8030R is a smoke detector, designed for early warning of a fire condition. It responds to fixed threshold smoke concentration detected in the protected rooms.

The principle functioning is the detection of infrared rays distraction caused by smoke particles entering the optic chamber. The smoke sensitivity is factory preset.

The fire detector is controlled by a microprocessor, operating on the basis of an algorithm for self-compensation of the chamber contamination.

The smoke sensor has a relay output and can be used with controllers having digital inputs in “dry contact” mode.


* Smoke sensitivity complies with EN 54-7:2000+ A1:2002;
* Digital signal processing;
* Very low current consumption;
* IP30 ingress protection;
* Excellent long-term stability;
* LED indicators for status information.

The detector can be used with:

* Ethernet IO module TCW241
* Ethernet data logger TCW220
* Remote IO module TCW122B-CM
* GSM-GPRS remote monitoring controller TCG120
* Ethernet digital IO module TCW181B-CM
* IP watchdog monitoring module TCW122B-WD
* Remote environmental monitoring module TCW112-CM
* IP watchdog relay board TCW112-WD

Warranty period: 3 years

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