Teracom Remote relay control module TCW122B-RR

Teracom Remote relay control module TCW122B-RR

Model: TCW122B-RR


Model TCW122B-RR Remote Relay Control

Bi-directional remote relay control with client–server model for industrial automation.

Short Description

To arrange remote relay control two devices should work as a pair – one in “client” mode and other in “server” mode.

TCW122B-RR is a remote relay control module with an embedded WEB server for setup. The device has two digital inputs and two relays, with normally open and normally closed contacts.

TCW122B-RR can work in two modes – “Client” or “Server”. The “Client” periodically sends the status of its digital inputs to the “Server”. The “Server” answers by returning its digital inputs status, activating the input of “Client” switches on the “Server” and vice versa.

This configuration is used to control remote devices without a browser or to extend a digital signal to a remote location on the network.

The client-server model allows following the variations
* both devices are connected to the Internet, with public IP addresses
* both devices are connected to one LAN, with private IP addresses
* “Client” is connected to LAN (private IP address) and “Server” is connected to the Internet (public IP address)
* “Client” is connected to LAN and “Server” is connected to different LAN, but behind a router with public IP address and port forwarding


* Password protected web-based configuration
* 2 digital inputs with “dry contact” and “logic level” mode:
* 2 relay outputs with NO and NC contacts
* Removable terminal connectors – separated for inputs and outputs
* Encrypted communication
* Manual or DHCP network configuration
* Device ID filtering
* Remote FTP firmware update

Technical Parameters

Supply voltage, 12 ± 2 VDC
Maximum current (with all relays ON), 370 mA
Weight, 110 g
Dimensions, mm 107 x 72 x 32
Operating temperature, 0 to +40°C
Maximum humidity in 0 to 31°C range, 80 %RH
Maximum humidity at 40°C (linear slope between 31-4°C), 50 %RH
Minimum high level input voltage for digital inputs, +2.5 VDC
Maximum low level input voltage for digital inputs, +0.8 VDC
Maximum input voltage for digital inputs, +5.5 VDC
Maximum switchable current for relay contacts, 3 Amp.
Maximum switchable voltage for relay contacts, 30/24 VAC/VDC

Warranty period: 3 years

Power Supply: 12V 500mA UL-Listed Power Adapter, 100 - 240VAC to 12VDC, .5A
If a power supply is needed please order Model 18964 with the TCW122-WD.

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