Teracom Ethernet data logger TCW220

Teracom Ethernet data logger TCW220

Model: TCW220


Model Ethernet data logger TCW220

Ethernet data logger for general purpose data acquisition applications; MODBUS, SNMP and HTTP protocols

Short Description

The TCW220 is an Ethernet data logger for general data acquisition applications. It has two analog inputs, with 10-bit resolution and two discrete inputs. It supports a 1-Wire interface for up to eight Teracom 1-Wire sensors – carbon dioxide, 0/20mA, AC/DC current, temperature, humidity, etc.) The Ethernet data logger also has two relays with normally open and normally closed contacts.

All monitored parameters can be logged on a set time interval and/or on an alarm condition. The memory is large enough for at least 36 days with records every minute. Log files can be periodically uploaded to a dedicated server with an HTTP Post.

XML/JSON files with all monitored parameters can periodically be uploaded on a dedicated server with an HTTP Post. An answer is returned for commands to relay’s control. This provides a method to build a SCADA system.

The relays can be activated either remotely (WEB, SNMP, HTTP, MODBUS etc.) or locally – from status of monitored parameters. For every parameter, e-mails and SNMP traps for up to 5 recipients can be sent. Alarm alerts also can be sent with an HTTP Post with XML/JSON status files.


* Ethernet data logger functionality for at least 36 days;
* Password protected web based configuration and control;
* 2 digital inputs with ” dry contact” and “logic level” modes;
* 2 analog inputs with 0 to 10VDC range, with 10-bit resolution;
* Multiplier and offset for analog inputs;
* 2 relays with NO and NC contacts;
* 1-Wire interface for up to 8 Teracom sensors;
* SNMP v.2 support;
* SNMP traps to up to 5 recipients like alarm alert;
* MODBUS support;
* 2K SSL support;
* e-mails to up to 5 recipients like alarm alert;
* XML/JSON status files;
* HTTP API commands;
* NTP support;
* Periodical HTTP Post for client-server systems;
* Remote firmware update.

Power Supply: 12V 500mA UL-Listed Power Adapter, 100 - 240VAC to 12VDC, .5A
If a power supply is needed please order Model PS-18964 with the TCW122-WD.

Warranty: 3 years

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