W&T 53763 transfer.box LAN-USB

W&T 53763 transfer.box LAN-USB

Model: 53763


Model 53763 - USB storage with network connection

The transfer.box is a USB memory with network connection. Where locally connected USB sticks or USB hard drives represent a "dead end" in terms of data technology, the transfer.box enables two-way access by reading and writing the data storage both over the network and via USB.

If the transfer.box is connected via USB to a host system, e.B. to a CNC milling machine, it can be used by it as a USB mass storage device. On the network side, the same storage area of the box can be accessed via Samba, FTP and SSH.

Scheme: Computer to CNC machine

Machines and devices that do not have a network connection, but only a USB port for storage media, can thus be made quasi-network-capable. The physical transport of the USB memory between PC and machine is eliminated, as the data can be written directly to the USB memory of the box via the network and read from it.

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