WuT 81215 Universal FO Interface RS232/RS422/RS485

WuT 81215 Universal FO Interface RS232/RS422/RS485

Model: 81215


Interface Singlemode glass fiber SC <> RS232 / RS422 / RS485 Background knowledge:

Background information: Data transmission over very long distances and/or in extremely noisy environments suggests the use of fiber optic cable as the physical transmission medium.

The use of plastic fiber optics allows easy-to-install connections over relative short distances of up to 100 meters. But for distances above this limit the use of glass fiber optic cable is unavoidable.

Distances of up to around 4 km are still possible with multimode fibers, but above this range is the domain of single-mode glass fiber optics.

While, in the past, the installation and preparation of fiber-optic lines was rather difficult, many suppliers now offer a comprehensive service of installation and customizing of cables, due to the fact that fiber-optic technology is now increasingly applied in commercial networks.

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