W&T 81009 Plastic-Fiber Optic Interface

W&T 81009 Plastic-Fiber Optic Interface

Model: 81009


Model 81009 - Application:
PC connection over fiber-optic cables

Background knowledge:
Power for the interfaces
The interface type described on this page is powered from the signal lines of
the serial interface and generally requires no external power supply to
operate on standard RS232 interfaces.

If however there are supply problems due to low-power interfaces, it is
always possible to externally power the interface with up to 9V using its
handshake inputs, or to use fiber-optic interfaces having their own power
supply (e.g. model 81201).

With model 81029 there is also a 9-pin special version available whose
transmission distance is limited to 20m, but which only places an
approx. 2mA load on the connected RS232 interface. With this version it is
also possible to run on lower power RS232 interfaces without the need for an
additional voltage source.

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