W&T 41210 ST Fiber-Optic Line - 20mA Interface

W&T 41210 ST Fiber-Optic Line - 20mA Interface

Model: 41210


Connection of control device to PC by means of fiber-optic cable

Background knowledge:
For data transmission across long distances and/or in extremely interfering environments, we strongly recommend the use of fiber-optic cables. Easily installed connections over relatively short distances up to 100 m are made possible by the use of plastic optical fiber cables, whereas for a distance segment of up to 3800 m, the use of fiber-optic lines is made necessary. The attenuation of the light in fiber-optic lines is considerably lower than that in plastic optical fiber cables.

While, in the past, the installation and preparation of fiber-optic lines was rather difficult, many suppliers now offer a comprehensive service of installation and customizing of cables, due to the fact that fiber-optic technology is now increasingly applied in commercial networks.

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