W&T 50504 PC on Din Rail

W&T 50504 PC on Din Rail

Model: 50504


Model: 50504. Measurement data concentrator for Web-IOs

Use the Motherbox to archive measurement data from any number of analog and digital Web-IOs, as well as Web-Thermographs. Simply specify an individual interval for each available measuring point in the network at which you want the current measuring data to be automatically queried and archived in the MySQL database contained in the Motherbox. The cyclical polling of the Web-IOs allows a consolidated measurement database to be created in the Motherbox. In the browser you can view archived measurement data or directly access the measurement database via the MySQL interface or FTP export for migrating the measurement data to your application . Use the Motherbox as a visualization server. Use the integrated Site Creator with drag-and-drop to create Web-based visualization and control pages for Web-IOs The internal web server also allows you to upload from your own web pages, which enables creation of web-based applications. For example you can prepare and display archived measurement data for a specific application..

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