W&T 58662 Com-Server, Highspeed Isolated

W&T 58662 Com-Server, Highspeed Isolated

Model: 58662


Background information:

The highly compact Com-Server Highspeed Isolated provides everything you need for directly connecting up to 3 serial interfaces to the computer network in industrial environments. All three interfaces are optically separated with a dielectric strength of 1 kV, both mutually and with respect to the supply voltage. In this way, breaks in operation due to potential differences, and problems occurring for example in the case of remote lightning strikes or when powerful rotary current motors start running, are counteracted from the very beginning.

For cases where PoE is planned but not yet fully implemented, it is also possible to provide power using an external power supply connected to screw terminals. From the software standpoint all the important standard protocols are included (see box and applications behind the product data sheets).

The serial port on the Com-Server can be switched between RS232, RS422 and RS485. The serial and network parameters can be set using telnet, ARP/RARP, SNMP or via Internet browser and Web-Based Management.

COM Port Redirector
The W&T COM Port Redirector for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 also gives serially operating Windows programs the ability to communicate over the network. Virtual COM ports are installed on the system which behave like standard COM ports with respect to the applications. Communication with the terminal device is now however over the network and a Com-Server.

Product properties:
*Supply voltage via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)


Phantom power using data pairs
Power over unused wire pairs
Alternate external supply possible

* Direct connection with compact box for DIN rail mount
* Remotely configurable via Web Based Management
* RS232, RS422, RS485 selectable

20mA/TTY version see Com-Server Highspeed PoE 20mA
Custom-built modules on request
* Serial bit rate up to 230.4 kBit/s
* Network adapters:

10/100BT autosensing
IEEE 802.3af (Power-over-Ethernet)
* Conforms to standards both in office and industrial environments:

Increased noise immunity for industrial areas
Stricter noise emission for residential and commercial areas

* Serial port protocols:

Hardware handshake
other protocols on request
* Protocols for direct network connection:

Socket, FTP, Telnet per client and server
Auxiliary protocols:
Inventory keeping, group management
* Protocols for paired Com-Server operation:
(connect serial devices in pairs on the network)

Box-to-box mode TCP/IP

Technical data:
Serial port:

Three X RS232, RS422, RS485 interface
DB9 connector Configurable
Baud rate:

50 to 230.400 Baud
Data format:

7,8 data bits, 1,2 stop bits
No, even, odd parity
Flow control:
Hardware handshake, XON-XOFF protocol or can be suppressed Network:

10/100BT autosensing
Galvanic isolation:

min. 500 volts
Serial ports: 1 kV mutually and with respect to the supply
Supply voltage:

DC: 12V (-10%) .. 48V (+10%) or AC 9Veff (-10%).. 24Veff (+10%)
Current consumption:
130mA @24V DC
Ambient temperature:

Storage: -40..+70°C
Operating in non-rowed installation: 0..+60°C
Operating in rowed installation: 0..+50°C
Permissible relative humidity:
0..95% RH (non-condensing)
Housing: Plastic small housing, 4.134 x 2.95 X 1.77 (105 x 75 x 45mm)
Weight: approx. 14.11oz (400g)

Agency Compliance:

Please order power supply separately as accessories

See Accessories, Software page.

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