100-Pin Half-Pitch DSUB, Straight (DIN rail mount)

100-Pin Half-Pitch DSUB, Straight (DIN rail mount)



MODEL BRKADP100FV1-S-DIN (Straight, DIN Rail Mount)

Product Details

* 100-pin half-pitch DSUB connector (0.050 series D-type connector)
* Same connector type as NI SCB-100 connector block
* Screw terminal for each of the 100 lines, plus shield
* Solder pad connection space for all 100 lines and shield
* Fast and easy connections
* Perfect for prototyping and permanent installations
* Suitable alternative to National Instruments SCB-100 connector block

General Description

These breakout boards bring all 100 pins and shield of a 100-pin half-pitch D-type connector out to angled screw terminal blocks for easy connection and prototyping work. In addition to the screw terminal connection, each pin is also brought to solder pads (2 per pin) at 0.1" spacing, allowing the addition of small components or 0.1" headers. Please note that the breakout boards are manufactured with a connection between each connector pin and the corresponding terminal block position; no soldering of any type is necessary. The solder pads simply provide an area for making optional connections to additional headers or other components.

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