W&T 13812 Serial Standard PCI Cards

W&T 13812 Serial Standard PCI Cards

Model: 13812


PCI card 2 galvanically isolated RS232 ports, 1kV isolation, 2 non-isolated serial TTL ports
Equips PCs with two galvanically isolated RS232 ports
Compatible with PCI2.2 standard, for 5V PCI slots
1kV electrical isolation to the PC and between the ports

The serial ports on all W&T PCI interface cards are galvanically isolated from each other and from the PC with an isolation voltage of at least 1kV DC.
Galvanic isolation of the signals is implemented using fast opto-couplers; driver and receiver chips are powered by a galvanically isolated DC/DC converter.
The signal lines for the serial ports are protected against static discharge for a voltage of up to 15kV per IEC 801-2, Level 4.

5 year guarantee

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