W&T 58431 Com-Server Highspeed OEM 10/100BT

W&T 58431 Com-Server Highspeed OEM 10/100BT

Model: 58431


Com-Server Highspeed OEM

Options for software integration:
The options for integration range from simple COM port redirection to user-friendly drag&drop programming in Visual Basic style on the PC side. More advanced options allow for the full integration of the end user. All the while it is never necessary to program within the module, as it is fully equipped with all you need, while still flexible and controllable according to your requirements. You therefore maintain full control over the properties of your hardware. Network and web access is now achievable with a minimum investment of time and money. Make our advantage yours! For more information, please refer to the overview of ad-hoc solutions for embedded systems.

COM Port Redirector The W&T COM Port Redirector for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 also gives serially operating Windows programs the ability to communicate over the network. Virtual COM ports are installed on the system which behave like standard COM ports with respect to the applications. Communication with the terminal device is now however over the network and a Com-Server

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