Model: SS1-LLL-R

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Multimode LVD (LVD/MSE) Wide (16 bit) on all ports

* Switch between Primary and Backup devices during system maintenance.
* Access a single device or group of devices from more than one host.
* Switch between two devices or groups of devices with the same SCSI address.
* Access for more than the 15 SCSI devices normally available to a Wide SCSI Port.
* Does not consume a SCSI address


The SS1 SCSI Bus Switch allows two hosts to share peripherals or one host to access either of two sets of peripherals. Each port may be SE, HVD or LVD. Switching from one port to the other may be accomplished: a. locally with the front panel switch, b. remotely with a momentary dry contact closure, or c. remotely via the RS-232 port. A software template for the RS-232 port is included in the User Manual. In all cases switching does not occur until "bus free."

In mode One, Port 1 is connected to the Common Port. In mode Two, Port 2 is connected to the Common Port. A front panel LED displays the selected port. Each port supports a full SCSI cable length and provides term power and termination, which may be disabled. The SS1 does not consume a SCSI device ID, is transparent to both initiator and target, and does not slow data throughput. Devices on the LVD ports run at SCSI throughput up to 160 Mbytes/sec, HVD and SE ports run at up to 40 Mbytes/sec. An amber LED for each port indicates bus activity and a green LED indicates that each port is powered. See Rear View Photo.

A front panel 7-segment LED display shows the active port.