EB1-CCC-R Rackmount SCSI Converter/Expander Box

EB1-CCC-R Rackmount SCSI Converter/Expander Box

Model: EB1-CCC-R

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The EB1-CCC is a 1U height 19 inch (10 inch deep) SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - CALL FACTORY SCSI Converter Box that has Three MM17 inside. The MM17 conects between LVD/MSE SCSI and LVD/MSE SCSI.

With Paralan's MM17 you can connect devices to your LVD/MSE Servers and Work Stations.

You can also use the EB1 back to back for long line SCSI extensions.

The EB1 can be used to hold up to three in any combination of Paralan's Converter/Extender products.

Contact Paralan for combinations that are not listed at the Paralan Store. Paralan has been making SCSI Converters for over 20 years and is the industry leader for SCSI Conversion and Extension Products.