MH33A OEM SCSI Converter Board

MH33A OEM SCSI Converter Board

Model: MH33A


The MH33A Converts Between LVD/SE SCSI and HVD SCSI. With Paralan's MH33A you can connect any combination of HVD SCSI devices to your LVD/SE Servers and Work Stations.

Also connect any LVD/SE devices to your HVD Servers and Work Stations. One can also use the MH32A back to back for long line SCSI extensions.

MH33A is identical to the older model MH17A with the exception of the SCSI bus driver hardware which is more robust.

This model is made for OEMs to install in their systems. It comes as a board.

Paralan has been making SCSI Converters for over 20 years and is the industry leader for SCSI Conversion and Extension Products.
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