Model: MH33A-6021


The MH33A-6021 provides a functional replacement for the Macrolink SCSI Disconnect; Product Part Number 202733. This configuration provides normal communications between a Single Ended (SE) SCSI segment and a High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI segment on a SCSI domain, like the standard MH33A.

It also provides the ability to switch to isolating the two SCSI segments such that both segments can operate independently of each other, like the Macrolink 202733 SCSI Disconnect Module. (switch included)

Conversion is between LVD/SE SCSI and HVD SCSI. One can connect any combination of HVD SCSI devices to LVD/SE Servers and Work Stations.

The switch (part number 18504) can also be ordered separately at a cost of $37.00 To order this item call Paralan.

There is also a 4 pin hard drive to floppy drive power conversion cable available (part number 18481)at a cost of $30.00 To order this item call Paralan.

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