RFID access terminal Locky-BT


Model RFID access terminal Locky-BT

Short Description

The Locky-BT is RFID access terminal is designed to work as control terminal in access control systems. The device works with 125kHz and EM4102 compatible, tags.

RFID access terminal Locky-BT has two hardware versions for different supply voltages. Standard Locky-BT works from 8 to 15VDC, while Locky-BT-40 has an extended supply voltage range from 8 to 40VDC. All other technical details for both versions are the same.

Locky-BT utilizes main parts of an access control system reading antenna, microprocessor and output relay. It can be managed either by computer or by specialized devices PLC, microcontroller system etc. The ID number of every approached tag is sent trough an asynchronous serial interface. As an answer, the master device can send a command for relay activation. Every communication packet has a CRC byte for data validation.


* Compact design for easy installation; * PC or PLC control over asynchronous interface; * Low power consumption; * LockyMonitor2 support over the asynchronous interface.


Supply voltage for Locky-BT-------------------8-15VDC
Supply voltage for Locky-BT-40----------------8-40VDC
Maximum consumption /with activated relay/---180mA @ 12VDC
Maximum switchable voltage/current------------60V / 0.3A
Dimmensions----------------------------------- 38mm x 36mm
Operating temperature-------------------------from -10 to +40 С
Reading distance-------------------------------at least 3cm
RFID tags--------------------------------------125kHz, EM4102 compatible
Non volatile memory----------------------------for up to 500 tags

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  • Model: RFID access terminal Locky-BT
  • Manufactured by: Teracom