SQ9X-XXX-5129 Example - Custom SCSI Quiet Cable

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Paralan SCSI Quiet Cable™.

This cable is displayed only as an EXAMPLE. Contact Paralan to order this type of cable.

Custom cable SQ9X-XXX-5129 has been constructed to work with ABB Bailey IMMP 101. This cable is made with properly specified 68 wire round SCSI cable with a 68 pin HD SCSI connector on one end and a 50 pin (dual row 2x25)on one end. Length: specify the need.

Paralan's SCSI Cables are individually assembled and tested in the USA. The cables are designed to Paralan's specifications such that they will work where other cables don't.

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  • Model: SQ9X-XXX-5129
  • Manufactured by: Paralan Corporation