Teracom 1-Wire humidity and temperature sensor TSH202v2


Model TSH202v2

Short Description

The TSH202v2 provides a low-cost option for humidity and temperature monitoring. The sensor communicates over a 1-Wire bus. Each sensor has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple sensors to be connected on the same 1-Wire bus.

The TSH202v2 integrates basic elements plus signal processing and provides a fully calibrated digital output.

A unique capacitive element is used for the humidity sensor. The temperature is measured by a band gap sensor. Both sensors are seamlessly coupled to a 12-bit analog to digital converter. This results in superior signal quality and fast response time

The sensor can be used with

* Ethernet IO module TCW241
* Ethernet data logger TCW220
* Remote IO module TCW122B-CM
* GSM-GPRS remote monitoring controller TCG120
* IP watchdog monitoring module TCW122B-WDv
* Remote environmental monitoring module TCW112-CM
* IP watchdog relay board TCW112-WD


* 3.0% relative humidity accuracy
* 12-bit resolution for humidity measurements
* 14-bit resolution for temperature measurements
* Fully calibrated digital output
* Excellent long-term stability
* A unique 64-bit serial number for multi-sensor systems

Technical Parameters

Operating Range: 0 to 95%RH non condensing -40 to +85C
Tolerance Typical: 3.0%RH from 20 to 85RH, 0.4C from -10 to 85RH
Tolerance Maximal: 5.0%RH from 0 to 95RH, 1.0C from -40 to 85RH
Resolution: 0.1%RH 0.1C
Long-term Stability: <0.25%RH/year, 0.01C/year
Communication: 1-wire
Cable/length: LIYY/1m
Power Supply: 4.0 to 5.5 DC
Input Current: 5ma
Ingress Protection: IP00
Head Dimension: 45 x 16 x10mm

Warranty period: 3 years

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  • Model: TSH202v2
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Teracom