Step and Direction LS10 Series

Step and Direction, wall mounting, Stepping Motor Drives series

The LS10 stepper motor driver series offers an excellent price/performance ratio.

They are available in open design and are easily mountable on a panel thanks to the L-shaped support integrated into the product.

Dimensions are contained and thickness particularly reduced allowing packing many drives in a small space.

The connection of the signal and power cables is made through numbered screw terminal blocks, able to accept cables with section up to 2.5mm2 (14awg).

Maximum reliability, high performance, small footprint and low cost are the guidelines followed in the design of the stepper motor drives belonging to the xS10 series.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
LAM LS1073A Stepping Motor Driver

LAM LS1073A Stepping Motor Driver

Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver (AC supply) 36Vac 3Arms (4.2Apk)


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