PCB Mounting

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Microstepping Drives suitable for mounting on printed circuit board (PCB)

Stepper motor driver conceived for PCB mounting represent an interesting opportunity for those who need to integrate multiple drives on a single board or want to combine the control and the power.

This small size driver can be integrated with the electronics to make the final product compact, economical and exclusive.

LAM Technologies is the pioneer of this technology, having sold the first drive for stepper motors to be mounted on PCB in 1995.

The USD SERIES is the perfect solution to save space and remove the cables and may be integrated with the electronics control in mono or multi-axis applications.

There are 12 different models split in three current sizes and four different functionalities. Some models are controllable by the STEP and DIRECTION signals and others via serial link. Models are available in versions with step resolution of half step and in microstep resolution up to 25600 step/rev.

Through a proprietary communication protocol, called LEP11, it is possible to control up to 32 different drives using a simple serial line.

The available commands allow configuring the acceleration time, the minimum and maximum frequency and perform absolute or relative positioning. It is also possible to read in real time the operating status of each connected module.

Three lines configurable as input and output complete the available I/O in the serial version of the modules. These lines, suitably configured, can also trigger the start of the drive.
  • Model: PCB Mounting
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Lam Technologies