The MH33A-6021 provides a functional replacement for the Macrolink SCSI Disconnect; Product Part Number 202733. This configuration provides normal communications between a Single Ended (SE) SCSI segment and a High Voltage Differential (HVD) SCSI segment on a SCSI domain, like the standard MH33A. It also provides the ability to isolate the two SCSI segments such that both segments can operate independently of each other.

Converts Between LVD/SE SCSI and HVD SCSI. One can connect any combination of HVD SCSI devices to your LVD/SE Servers and Work Stations.

Macrolink offered: Option Switch SW1. The option switch (part number 18504)is included with the MH33A-6021.

  • Model: MH33A-6021
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Paralan Corporation

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