Voom SuperDuper Hard Drive, Stand-Alone Duplicator


VT-SDC-1-8. Voom SuperDuper Hard Drive, Stand-Alone Duplicator.

Duplicates from 1 drive to 8 different drives at once. Runs at data transfer speeds of up to 5.2 GB per minute per drive. No slow down in performance whether 1 or all 8. ATA/SATA built in. Image (files/operating system/software only) or Clone entire drive.

• Dependable and built with proven technology
• 4-Line LCD Provides concise operating instructions and status information
• The 3 button input makes the SuperDuper™ easy and intuitive to operate
• The 4 line LCD provides operator with quick instruction and status.
• Out-of-the-box functionality.
• Drives don't have to be the same size or type.
• Laptop hard drives are simply and quickly accommodated with laptop drive adapters.
• Open access design allows for quick and fast cabling and disconnecting drives.
• HardCopy™ technology used in the SuperDuper™ is already in use by the FBI, State Department, Treasury, U.S. Military, state and local law enforcement, and many other agencies and private sector companies
• Anti-static drive slots – protect hard drives.

The SuperDuper™ Advantage,
Simply Put:

• SPEED Simply the fastest mass drive-duplicator available.
• EASE Simply the easiest to operate, you will have it in service quickly after unpacking.
• COST Simply costs less. Along with the time-savings, the SuperDuper™ comes fully featured, unlike the competition.

Physical Features

• SATA/ATA Dual Ports Both Standard SATA and parallel ATA are built-in – no adapters required.
• 1 source port, write blocked
• 8 destination ports
• Light Tower provides clear visual from a distance indicating duplicating, finished duplicating or idle
• VOOM’s Renown 3-Button Interface. Industry’s easiest to use; unpack and begin duplicating immediately
• Open Drive/Port/Cable Access provides fast and convenient access for all connections

Operating Features

• Tone Generator Indicates condition that requires attention (e.g., failed drive)
• Up to 5.2 GB Per Minute Data Transfer Rate
• Data transfer rate sustained whether duplicating 1 drive or all 8
• Operates any drive as fast as it will go
• Duplication Modes
• Clone: block by block copy of entire drive
• Smart Image: copy file system and files only – works with NTFS and FAT
• Copy DCO and HPA
• Wipe Function
• Wipes all 8 drives at maximum speed (up to 5.2 GB per minute)

Accessories Included
• 9 SATA cables - 8 inch
• 9 8 inch IDE ribbon cables
• 1 Molex to SATA DC power adapter
• 4 Molex to SATA Y DC power cables
• 1 Molex to Molex Power cables
• 4 Molex to Molex Y DC Power cables
• 1 Molex to Molex 6 inch extension cables
• 2 Molex to SATA power adapters cable
• 1 Serial Interface cable
• 1 AC power cord
• Users Guide
(Handles SATA HDD 3.5's and 2.5's and IDE 3.5's - IDE 2.5's require additional adapters)


AC Electrical Requirements
Voltage: 110/230 VAC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Current: 9A/5A
Output Wattage: 500

Temperature: 10 to 35 degrees C
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% (non condensing)
Altitude: 0 to 8000 feet

Physical Characteristics
• Width: 17” (431.8mm)
• Depth: 21” (533.4mm)
• Height (chassis): 6” (152.4mm)
• Height to top of light tower: 17.375” (441.325mm)
• Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6kg)

Agency approvals
FCC Exemption: SuperDuper™ is exempt from FCC regulations under Part 15, section 103c

Laptop Adapter (Optional)

Click here for user guide

  • Model: VT-SDC-1-8
  • Shipping Weight: 39lbs
  • Manufactured by: Voom Technologies, Inc.

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