Stepper Motor Drive Progammable

User-programmable Microstepping Drives with Fieldbus, digital and analog I/O

The programmable step motor driver with Fieldbus allows easily managed multiple axis using one only connection to the master control device.

Applications with a great number of motors take huge advantages from the use of Fieldbus as it reduces wiring with economic benefits and realibility. This technology also allows placing the drives close to the motors reducing the space needed in the cabinet.

Some products are also able to execute an internal program and this makes them ideal for applications with distributed intelligence. The programmability of the drive is also useful to reduce the traffic of messages on the Fieldbus and locally manage the operations in real time, such as stopping or starting of a movement in correspondence with a signal coming from a photocell or the update of the rotation speed according to an analog external quantity.

The range of Fieldbus drives also includes models with USB interface ideal for PC-based applications. The drivers supplied with the product allow using it both in Windows (32bit or 64bit) and Linux platforms.

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